11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur, On Amazon.

Shimano is a popular brand when it has to do with bicycles. They are well known for manufacturing quality bicycle components. The rear derailleur is a very sensitive part of a bicycle’s driveline system which makes the rear derailleur in charge of shifting the chains between the various gears on the rear cassette.  Also, a 9-speed rear derailleur was designed to work hand in hand with a 9-speed cassette which will provide more reliable and smooth shifting for a range of riding styles with also a terrain.

We have so many unique Shimano 9-speed rear derailleurs on Amazon. And they all have their benefits and unique features which makes it essential for every individual to make their research concerning the best options that will be able to satisfy their needs.

But in this article, my main focus is the 11 best Shimano 9-speed rear derailleurs on Amazon. So therefore I will like you to join me as I have made my research and provided a solution to the topic. And also there are topics I will be sharing with you as you continue to read on, you will find this article more intriguing.

Let’s get started.

Overview On Clutch Derailleur 9 Speed?

A clutch derailleur is the type of rear derailleur that is used in mountain bikes and off–road bikes. There is a feature that increases the tension on the chain just to assist in preventing the drops and then reduces the chain sound, it usually takes place when riding on rugged terrain or areas.

Basically, a 9- speed clutch derailleur has been designed to work with a 9 –speed driveline, which signifies that its compatibility matches the 9-speed cassette and a 9-speed chain. It is made of lightweight material which is aluminium and features a spring–loaded clutch mechanism which can be adjusted to provide various levels of chain tension.

Also, the ability to improve chain retention and reduce chain slap is one of the benefits of a 9-speed derailleur which is very useful when riding especially on rough terrain.

Note: the improved chain tension does assist in just making an improvement in shifting performance and also reduces the chain drops. Although a 9 –speed clutch derailleur might not suit all types of bikes for instance, a bike rider that is always on the road might not need chain tension given by a clutch derailleur, and the rider might prefer a lighter one.

Lastly, a 9-speed clutch derailleur will be a useful upgrade, especially for off-road riders that are looking for ways to improve the performance of their bikes and then reduce the chance of chain drops and sound.

Is, Shimano 9 –Speed Derailleur Worth It?

In this scenario, it all depends on the rider’s specific needs and also preferences. Shimano 9-speed derailleur is a special choice for riders that do have a 9-speed driveline and also for riders who want to upgrade their bike shifting performance.  So, therefore, if you have a different brand or even different models of a driveline, a Shimano 9-speed derailleur compatibility might not provide such optimal performance.

Lastly, a 9-speed derailleur will be considered reliable only for riders who have a 9-speed driveline. It is crucial to always put consideration into your needs and preference with the compatibility of the derailleur with your bike’s driveline before thinking of buying.

Key Benefits Of Having A, Clutch Derailleur 9-Speed?

A clutch derailleur is known to be a bike derailleur that is incorporated in the clutch mechanism which adds tension to the derailleur cage and then assists to ensure the chain is not bouncing off during rugged areas or when riding in a manner that is appropriate.

A 9 – Speed clutch derailleur also has nine gears that its functionality is to work with 9 –a speed cassette. But I will be sharing with you a few of the key benefits of having a clutch derailleur 9-speed.

  1. In the clutch mechanism, the derailleur assists the chain from going off even when the rider is riding on uneven terrain. It also helps in making sure that the chain drops and also reduce the chance of damaging the chain and other components.
  2. It can also give a smooth and trustworthy shifting especially under a load or in certain situations. In other words, it assists in the stability of the chain and also ensures that it is moving or even slipping during shifting.
  3. With the clutch derailleur, you are sure of riding with confidence and also in charge, why? Because there is a possibility that when the rider is on a ride, the chain is more likely to drop and skip gears. It is beneficial especially when the rider is riding on terrain that is not smooth.
  4. It improved durability whereby making sure that the clutch mechanism assists to reduce the worn out on the driveline by making sure that the chain is in place by reducing the amount of the chain slap thereby extending the life of the chain, cassette with other components of the bike’s driveline.
  5. Lastly, it is compatible with various ranges of bikes with driveline components which makes it a versatile choice for various types of riders and their riding styles.

   11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur, On Amazon.

1. Shimano Altus 9-speed long Paw Rear Derailleur.

This derailleur is known to be of great value, it is made up of wide link designs that increase rigidity and service life with its crisp performance. And also there are 11 tooth pulleys wear with chain noise, an advanced light action design together with low friction fluorine coated link pivot bushings, and a top normal swing design.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed  Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

2. Shimano Sora Rear Derailleur.

This is another unique rear derailleur that has the highest customer reviews, it is Shimano with 3500 road mech, and it is actually for road bike use and also has a medium cage.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

3. Shimano Rear Mech Sora R3000.

This derailleur is a very unique one. Its material is made up of Alloy, it has a weight of 0.3 kilograms, and its capacity is 43 teeth. The unit count is from 1.0 and the capacity chain is HG-9 Speed.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

4. Shimano Deore RD-M 592.

This is another special rear derailleur, it has a weight of 0.8 pounds and its auto parts are rear bottoms and its capacity is 16 teeth. It has a precise chain movement that changes gears smoothly, a direct mount, and a light shift effort.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

5. Shimano Front Mech Sora RD3030.

This derailleur is a compatible Sora triple front that is delivering is of great value, especially to sport-level road riders, it has a wide pivot link that increases rigidity while it reduces flex on improved shifting response. It also has aluminum links with bands just to secure its weight and then increase rigidity. And also for road cycles, it is equipped with a 9-speed driveline and then braze on a mount.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

6. MEGHNA Shimano Altus RD-M370.

This derailleur is a unique one, it uses a mega 9 drive train design just to deliver smoothly but it has a light action shifting in performance. It has a low profile concept that is double Servo-panta Technology, it has a wide link for durability with a shifting that is straight.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

7. SRAM X.4 Rear Derailleur.

This derailleur is a special one, it has the capacity of 45T with a larger cog of 38 teeth, its minimum or maximum is 11/34T and the weight is 310g.  The length is SGS long.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

8. Shimano Ultegra R8000 Mid-Cage Rear Derailleur.

This derailleur is a unique one. Its materials are made with alloy, the weight is 0.3 kilograms and the auto part is rear, the capacity is 30 teeth, and the unit count is 1.0.  It also has a stable shifting performance with a low profile rear design and it also uses an 11-30T cassette.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

9. MEGHNA Shimano Bike Rear Derailleur MD2000.

This derailleur is a unique one. It has a super low profile with a shadow mechanism. It has a wider linkage that ensures durability and also precise shifting for quick and easy wheel installation, there is also a high tension that springs for a quick and easier wheel installation with removal.

This rear derailleur is actually for a 9-speed driveline and it is compatible with HG 9-speed chain with a total capacity of 45T, its pulley teeth is 11T, and also, a low sprocket Max of 36T, and then a low Minimum of 32T, additional for the mega 9 lite. It is very easy to adjust and also to maintain.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

10. Shimano Unisex –Adult Alivio Rd-M3100.

This is another unique derailleur, this derailleur features Shadow Rd Technology just to ensure that the derailleur is safe from any obstacles or danger. It has a super low profile which is the RD technology with a weight of 100 grams, its chain wrap capacity is 45 teeth and a unit count of 1.0, its material is made up of plastic and then its Shimano rear mount is 10×1 standard.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.

11. Shimano RD-R3000 SS.

This is a rear derailleur that is manufactured for road bikes. It has a sora line of components of which its target is at entry-level and recreational riders.

This RD-R3000 SS is compatible with 9-speed drivelines and does have a short cage design and it is suitable for bikes with smaller cassettes or fewer gears. And also, it has a maximum cassette capacity of 32T with a total capacity of 37T.

It is very crucial to know what’s best for you when it comes to rear derailleur because it all depends on your needs with your riding styles. I will advise you to make research and go through customers reviews before getting yourself Shimano Rear Derailleur.

Available Here On Amazon.

11 Best Shimano 9 Speed Rear Derailleur On Amazon.


Which Shimano Derailleurs Have A Clutch?

In this scenario, based on my research, I will say to you that almost all their mountain bikes have a clutch mechanism such as Shimano Deore XT M8100/8120, Shimano SLX M7100/M7120, and Shimano Deore M6100 with so many others.

Why Use A Clutch Derailleur?

It’s quite simple. The purpose why riders make use of clutch derailleurs is for preventing the chain from moving and dropping at the same time. It also assists the bike chain from slapping whereby maintaining the chain line from making a horrible noise or sound, especially when the bike doesn’t have a chain guideline. That’s it.

Does The SRAM X9 Rear Derailleur Have A Clutch?

Of course, it does! The SPRAM X9 rear derailleur is attached with a feature that comes with it, which is ‘Type 2” which is the clutch system that is incorporated to maintain the chain tension thereby reducing the chain slap such as noise that is caused by its chain frame. So, therefore, the clutch mechanism is in charge of controlling the chain tension by stabilizing the rear derailleur areas. Although the clutch mechanism can be adjusted whereby increasing or increasing the tension of the chain just for a stable riding experience.

Does A Derailleur Clutch Affect Shifting?

In the derailleur clutch, there is a micro shift, which the clutch makes it hard to shift into a larger cog by preventing it from moving to the tension pulley. It can cause a change by minimizing the derailleur geometry. Although, every derailleur will shift more easily if the clutch is entangled.

So, therefore, a derailleur clutch can affect shifting but it does have a positive impact on its shift performance.

How Do You Tell If A Derailleur Has A Clutch?

It is very easy. A clutch derailleur does have a switch on the rear derailleur itself so therefore, so the only way you will tell if you have a derailleur has a clutch is that there will be a lock that will cause lots of tension on the derailleur cage thereby not allowing it to move. And also there will be a bunch of flex in the rear derailleur.

Does Shimano XT Have A Clutch?

Yes, it does. Shimano XT rear derailleur features an invention that is known as “Shadow Plus”, which signifies that there is a clutch system incorporated to bring down the chain slap and enhance chain maintenance. So therefore, the clutch mechanism can be adjusted just to enable the rider to be in charge of the tension on the chain, which helps to decrease noise and then enhanced the shifting performance. Also, be aware that the shadow plus is found on the Shimano mountain bike rear derailleur and it has become a standard feature on the high–end mountain bike driveline.

Does The Box 3 Prime 9 Derailleur Have A Clutch?

Yes it does, there is a clutch system that is always on but can’t be adjusted and it is also very rigid to the extent that the chain can’t be kept in a certain position. All the Prime 9 kits are powerful and all its adjusters with clamps are large in size and very much easier to make use of.

Additionally, the limited slip clutch, sealed bearing pulleys with a strong manufacture box 3 rear derailleurs are all compatible with 11-46 with 11-50t derailleurs which makes it one of the most versatile derailleur offerings for Prime 9.

Does Shimano Alivio Derailleur Have A Clutch?

Yes, there is a clutch on Shimano Alivio Derailleur. It is 1x or 2x Mech, both clutches are to bring down the chain slap on rugged areas. Also, there is shadow RD+ and it is found in new Shimano Alivio such as M3100 and M4100 series derailleurs. It is adjustable just to enable riders to manage the amount of tension on the derailleur to satisfy their riding choices.

Does The NX Eagle Derailleur Have A Clutch?

Of course yes. The SPRAM Eagle rear derailleur has a feature clutch tool that is mapped out to minimize the chain slap and then gives secure chain maintenance on areas. The clutch tool does apply a frequent force on the derailleur areas by preventing the chain from moving off the chain line which will result to reduce the chain drops.

Does The Shimano M5100 Derailleur Have A Clutch?

Yes, it does! The Shimano M5100 derailleur does have a shadow+ Clutch mechanism whereby its stabilizer prevents chain slaps, and drops and also do maintain the chain tension for a smooth ride. The clutch can also be turned on or even off by making use of the tiny lever which is located at the derailleur body.

What Is The SRAM X9 Equivalent To Shimano?

SRAM X9 is a groupset and it is equivalent to Shimano SLX, which actually refers to when we talk about price range and its use.  They are both a choice for mountain bikes and they do gives a balance of performance, and durability together with cost. Although these groupsets are changes in certain features and capabilities, So, therefore the comparison between these two groups may actually not be straight. 


Is There A Clutch On SRAM Derailleur?

Of course yes, there is a Rival that does gives a spring clutch for perfect management. And also, this clutch helps to maintain the chain tension thereby decreasing the chain slap just to avoid chain drops, especially in rugged areas. Although, there is a switch that can be turned on or off in a position that will either connect or disconnect the clutch.

Do I Need A Clutch Derailleur For 1x?

No, you simply don’t need it, the reason is that 1x drivetrains just have one chain line, and the need for a front derailleur and its shifter was eliminated just for the gear cable to run between the shifter and also the front derailleur.

What Is The Best 9 Speed Rear Derailleur?

It all depends on individual choice and preference, but based on my research, I will say to you that, the best 9-speed derailleur is SHIMANO XTR, it has a lighter weight than SRAM’’s comparative X-0 and it is also half of the price. It has a jockey wheel that lasts long, and its inner cable when used is perfect and it can last even without maintenance for an extended period of time.

Does The Shimano 105 Rear Derailleur Have A Clutch?

NO! Shimano 105 rear derailleur doesn’t have a clutch. Shimano did bring out the ultergra RX rear derailleur and also with the integrated clutch and the compatibility with its two front chain lines.

Also, Clutch derailleurs are usually found on mountain bikes, they are actually in groupsets, for instance, Deore, SLX, and XT. It also has a spring mechanism that assists to keep the chain tension and then decreases the chain slap.


In this article, I have listed the best 9 speed derailleur that is available on Amazon.  It can be exhausted to make a choice of your own when it has to do with different 9-speed rear derailleur but the list provided above is the best choice for you, so therefore you can make your selection from the list.

And also, I will advised when choosing a shimano 9-speed derailleur, it’s very necessary to put into some factors that will serve as a guideline, such as the compatibility of your bike driveline, the length of the derailleur cage with the maximum cassette capability. And also the features can’t be overlook, it is also important you take a look at advanced shifting system of the rear derailleur, quality materials with a sealed bearings just for a smother and reliable performance.

Lastly, ensure to always make a research of your specific needs and choices. But if in any case you don’t know how to go about it concerning selecting the best shimano 9-speed derailleur, you can look up to ones provided above on amazon, just so you can enjoy the performance of your bike.


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