Guide Cost To Replace Serpentine Belt Tensioner For A Few Cars Brands?

Basically, as we all know, the serpentine belt tensioner stands to be an important part of the car’s engine, the reason is that it keeps the serpentine belt very tight for it to run smoothly, but over time, it can be worn out and once it does, it simply means, you have to replace it. And also, the serpentine belt tensioner varies, but it all depends on the model of your vehicle.

In this article, I will be providing some vital pieces of information concerning the guide to the cost of replacing a serpentine belt tensioner for a few brands. It will be useful for those who own a car and also for those who are planning to get a car for themselves, but if you are a car owner and then you are experiencing lots of issue with the serpentine belt tensioner and then wants to have more information about the cost to have the serpentine belt tensioner replaced, don’t worry anymore, I will be sharing such pieces of information with you as you continue to read on.

What Is The Average Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost?

In this scenario, I will say that the replacement cost of the serpentine belt varies, but it is not expensive. So therefore, the average cost of the serpentine belt is about $80, or it might be less depending on some cases, but there is an amount for the labor cost, which is about $120 to $150. So, let’s say for everything, it will cost you a total range of $220 or even less, so therefore it all depends on the model of the car you are going for, and how demanding it will be.

Do I need To Replace Tensioner When Replacing Serpentine Belt?

Basically, not in every case, so in some cases, you have to replace the belt so many times before replacing the tensioner. So the chances there is that, you will have to replace the serpentine belt let’s say once in a while before the tensioner. So I will advise that each time you replace the serpentine belt, you should also look out for the tensioner, the reason is that a bad tensioner can damage the new serpentine belt you replace.

Guide Cost To Replace Serpentine Belt And Tensioner For A Few Cars Brands?

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Pulley And Serpentine Belt?

Let me start by saying that replacing the pulley and serpentine belt is not expensive. So therefore, for the pulley to replace it, it will cost you $80 to $200, which includes the cost of the new components as well as the cost of the labor. But it all depends on the model of your vehicle and also the needed parts while that of the serpentine belt might cost you, let’s say $15 to $80 at most, and together with the labor cost of which it will cost $75 to $120. So, therefore, everything added together might cost you $90 to $200 including tax fees just to replace these items.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Belt Tensioner?

There are several symptoms that can lead to a bad belt tensioner and if ignored, it can cause damage to your vehicle’s engine, but there is a common symptom of a bad belt tensioner which is the squealing noise that comes out from the engine of your vehicle.

So basically, the reason for this, is that the belt is not tight enough and it is slipping on the pulley, this alone can cause lots of damage to the belt together with other parts and it might lead to decreasing the fuel economy.

Other symptoms of a bad belt tensioner are vibration or shaking from the engine, as well as premature wear out of the belt and pulleys too.

Take note, if you notice these symptoms, I will recommend that you have your car inspected by a skilled mechanic as soon as possible. But if ignored, it can lead to more serious damage to the engine as you drive.

How Much Does Replacing Tensioners Cost?

The cost of replacing the tensioner belt is between the ranges of $140 to $400, but it all depends on the model of your vehicle and also the components such as the idler pulley, and bearings with the labor cost. Basically, the labor cost will be $70 to $80 of which, if the replacement takes more than one hour.

And also, the national cost of a drive belt tensioner replacement in the year 2023 will cost you $80 to $341 and then with an average cost of $209. So therefore, it is crucial to know that the tensioner takes the larger part of the job and that is why it is included as part of the labor cost.

Can I Drive My Car With A Bad Belt Tensioner?

Absolutely no! The reason is that it is very risky to drive with a bad belt tensioner. The tensioner is meant for ample tension which gives electricity to the accessories so if the belt tensioner is worn-out, it might cause the belt to slip, and this alone can produce a loud sound and also create a risky level of heat along with the accessory pulleys.

Can You Drive With A Worn Belt Tensioner?

No! You can’t drive with a worn-out belt tensioner; the reason is that it will lead to several issues that will cause damage to your vehicle. The belt tensioner is in charge of making a proper tension, especially on the engine’s belt which gives other components such as the alternator, power steering pump, and AC to function appropriately.  So if the belt tensioner goes badly and you still drive with it, it will lead to slipping or loose and that alone can cause a squealing noise together with loss of power steering, battery not charging very well, and engine overheating.  And also, in some cases, it might lead to the braking of the belt and cause damage to the engine of your vehicle.

So, therefore, driving with a worn-out belt tensioner is not advisable, because it might lead to premature wear out of other parts in the engine. It is advisable to always look out for the belt tensioner and then replace it if it goes bad just for your safety.

How Many Years Should A Serpentine Belt Last?

In this case, it depends on the model or make of the vehicle you are using, but generally, the lifespan of the serpentine belt should last from four to six years and then be replaced immediately; the reason is that the serpentine belt is the most important parts of the engine of which the serpentine belt does is to transfer power to all parts of the engine. So such a belt that does such work should be replaced immediately, especially when it has lasted up to four to six years.

But, all the same, it is very crucial to always refer to your manual or contact a skilled mechanic for a recommendation that is if you are unsure.

Is A Serpentine Belt Expensive To Fix?

As I said earlier in the information above, fixing the serpentine belt is not expensive compared to other components of other vehicles.  So fixing the serpentine belt might cost you $15 to $80. And the labor cost might be in the range of $75 to $120 and it all depends on the model of your vehicle.

But if in a situation the serpentine belt has worn out completely, then you have to replace it completely with a new one.

Can I Drive To Mechanic With Broken Serpentine Belt?

Absolutely no! It is not advisable to drive with a broken serpentine belt, and the reason is that, as I earlier said, the serpentine belt is very important to the vehicle engine, it powers so many crucial systems in the vehicle, so once it is broken, it’s better to have a qualified mechanic to take care of it or you quickly replace it. But if in a case whereby, you want to drive with it to a mechanic for repairs then it is okay. So, therefore, it is not acceptable to drive with a broken serpentine belt, it might lead to damaging other components of the engine.

BMW Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost?

In this scenario, the case of replacing your serpentine belt on BMW varies, the reason is that it depends on the model and also the year of the vehicle. And also the location of the repair together with the cost of the serpentine belt will be $154 to $188 and then the labor cost will roughly be $114 to $144 but some parts is been priced at $40 to $44.

In other words, it seems the price is high, but it is very important to replace it just so your engine will keep on running smoothly.

Valvoline Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost?

Valvoline happens to be a company that specializes in oil changes and also preventative maintenance services for cars. Serpentine belt replacement is part of the core services they do render but they can provide you with the information you are looking for thereby referring you to a reliable shop where you get the cost of a Valvoline serpentine belt.

But in some shops, the average cost you can get to replace the Valvoline serpentine belt might cost you $100 to $300 which includes the parts and labor cost.

Honda Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost?

When it comes about replacing the Honda serpentine belt, the job done is in the labor and that is where real expenses lies and the reason is that, for the Honda serpentine to be replace, so many parts will be disassembled just to reach the belt. All the same, what you need to do, is to go about and make inquiry about the price. But the average cost you can get is $409 or $919 and it includes parts and labor.

Since many parts must be disassembled in order to reach the belt, labor is where the real expense lies. Your best bet for getting the greatest bargain is to shop about and compare prices, but you should be prepared to pay anything between $409 and $919 (including parts and labor).


In this article, I have been able to enlighten you that the cost to replace your serpentine belt tensioner do varies and it depends on the make or model of your vehicle.

But, I will say to you that, if you must replace your serpentine belt tensioner, you should look out for the one that has quality and is also designed for your vehicle.

Don’t always rely on going the cheaper ones but they might not last long or even serve you for a long which might result in doing more harm than good in your vehicle.

Lastly, if you are not sure about which belts to make use of in your vehicle, I will recommend you contact a qualified mechanic. It will more easily for them to choose the right belts for your make and model. So taking care of your serpentine belt tensioner in your vehicle will serve you for a long period of time.


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