Where To Rent Electric Bike (Electric bike rental Amsterdam).

Amsterdam, the capital of Germany, is one of the countries most acquainted with the use of electric bikes thanks to the bike-friendly structure of the city. Amsterdam boasts some of the best cycle paths in the world.

Also, being one of the most popular tourist destinations, the best way to explore the city is to do it like a local and ride a bike.

Hence, there are numerous bike shops where you can hire city bikes, but finding a place to rent an e-bike is a little more complicated.

More often, bike shops in Amsterdam require a larger deposit to rent an electric bike. Amsterdam has many bike shops, many of which offer short-term electric bike rentals.

Based on my research done on eBikeBible.com, here are some of the best e-bike rentals in Amsterdam.

Where To Rent Electric Bike (Electric bike rental Amsterdam)?

1. Het Zwarte Fietsenplan (Black Bikes).

This being one of the largest bike shops in Amsterdam and was founded there, has eight different shops across the city. The shop offers bike repairs, sales, and rentals.

They have a wide selection of bikes for sale and stock electric cargo bikes.

Rented electric bikes must be returned to the exact shop it was collected from and not one of their shops at a different location.

 Due to the higher value of an e-bike, the company requires a credit card with €500 authorization as a deposit just in case you fail to return the bike.

Insurance against theft and damage, provided you follow the rules in your plan, such as ensuring the bike is locked each time you leave it alone, is included in the essential cost of the rental.

2. Mac Bikes.

Mac Bikes has existed since 1988 and was among Amsterdam’s first bike shops to offer tourist bike rentals.

Mac Bikes has four bike rental points located in the center of Amsterdam. Only one of their shops’ rents e-bikes, conveniently located on the eastern edge of Amsterdam’s central station.

You can hop off the train from Schiphol airport and walk 2 minutes through the station, and you’ll find yourself at the Mac Bike rental station.

3. A-Bike Rental.

A-Bike Rental and Tours, as the name suggests, specialize in providing bikes and organizing tours for tourists. At first glance, their prices for e-bike rentals seem relatively affordable as they are advertised as available for between 20 to 30 euros per day.

However, once you arrive at the booking form on their website you’ll find that with insurance (advertised as recommended but mandatory), the price is similar to that of Black Bikes, at €38.95 per day.

On top of the base price, you will be expected to leave €75 in cash as a deposit.

They also offer various accessories for your e-bike, including a helmet, basket, panniers, phone holder, and trailer, each costing extra daily.

Overview On Electric Bike Rental In US.

Where To Rent Electric Bike.

Electric bikes are easy to get in the US. It isn’t easy to get a definitive price on electric bike rentals. The reason is that many variables influence the price in some way. Some of these variables include;

Types of electric bike.

There are several types of electric bikes, and the rental price depends on the bike’s value.

The pedal-assist bikes being the most common, are also the least expensive.

Throttle bikes are much rarer and are closer to an electric motorbike in their performance, meaning they are virtually pedal-less. This translates to them being the more expensive variant.

1. Time and location.

The time or season of the year is another considerable factor affecting the price of bike rentals. During the holiday seasons, the cost of everything is hiked, including the price of bike rentals, due to the high demand during that period due to the number of tourists and visitors.

The location may also influence the price due to the local cost of electricity and the selling price of bikes.

2. The terrain.

The nature of the area where the bike is to be used may drain the battery life, hence it is possible to be asked where the bike is to be used when renting the bike, especially in areas close to steep slopes.

The nature of the bike’s terrain may increase the rental cost as it may drain battery life and reduce the bike’s overall performance.

How Does, Monthly Electric Bike Rental Work?

Only certain companies have the option of monthly renting and do not expect to have this choice anywhere near popular tourist spots as those places will earn most of their money by charging the bikes per hour.

The average cost is between $400 and $500, although the location and time of the year are factors even in this option.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Electric Bike?

The cost of renting electric bikes varies based on the bike type, brand, and how long you will rent it.

Depending on the rental agency, the location, and the length of the rental, the cost to rent an electric bike can change. Electric bike rentals typically cost between $10 and $50 per hour, with daily rates between $30 and $100.

Certain rental firms provide discounts for longer rental terms, such as daily or weekly prices. It’s vital to remember that other costs, such as insurance or helmet rentals, can also be necessary.

It’s recommended to check with local rental businesses or conduct an online search for price information to obtain a precise sense of how much it will cost to rent an electric bike in a particular location.

What Is The Average e- Bike Rental Cost?

The typical cost of renting an e-bike varies depending on several factors, including location, rental duration, type of e-bike, and extra services provided.

Typically, as a general estimate, the cost of hiring an e-bike for an hour could range from $10 to $30, but a full-day rental could cost anywhere from $50 to $100. Rentals rates per month can cost around $200 to $300.

But remember that these are only rough estimates, and the actual cost of renting an e-bike will depend on several factors, such as location, demand, and rental provider. It’s best to verify with a nearby firm or internet rental marketplace.

How much Are Electric Bike Rentals In UK Generally?

In the UK, renting an electric bike can range in price from £15 to £50 per day. Certain rental firms may also provide weekly or monthly rental choices for longer-term rentals, which can be more affordable.

It’s crucial to remember that electric bike quality can also affect rental costs, with high-end bikes costing more than entry-level versions. Certain rental firms may charge a deposit or demand credit card authorization

 to cover potential damages or losses during the rental time.

To better understand their price and rental conditions, it is always advisable to inquire directly with specific rental providers.

List of places for Electric bike Rental Amsterdam?

There are countless bike stores where you can lease city bikes, but locating a location to rent an e-bike is a little more challenging.

The following are some alternatives for renting electric bikes in Amsterdam:

  1. Amsterdam Bike Rent
  2. Black Bikes by MacBike
  3. Rental & Tours by A-Bike
  4. Cheap Green Bikes
  5. Rent a Bicycle Amsterdam
  6. Mike’s Bike Tours & Rentals
  7. E-bike Amsterdam
  8. Starbikes Amsterdam Rental.

These businesses provide electric bike rentals in Amsterdam, with various rental periods and prices. It is advised to examine the costs and services provided by each company to choose the best choice for your requirements.


Are There Electric Bikes In Amsterdam To Rent?

Yes, the following locations in Amsterdam offer electric bike rentals:

  1. Electric bike rentals are available through Black Bikes, which has multiple locations throughout Amsterdam, for €25 per day.
  2. Electric bike rentals are available from Rent-a-Bike Amsterdam, which is close to the Central Station, and cost as little as €22 per day.
  3. Renting an electric bike from MacBike, which has several locations throughout Amsterdam, costs as little as €19 per day.
  4. Electric bike rentals start at €19 per day at A-Bike Rental & Tours, which has multiple sites throughout Amsterdam.
  5. Amsterbike – Amsterbike is a Jordan neighborhood business that rents electric bikes for as little as €22 a day.

These are just a few Alternatives, and many other bike rental shops in Amsterdam also offer electric bikes for rent. To locate the most excellent choice for you, it’s a good idea to research and compare pricing and reviews.

Are Electric Bikes Allowed In Amsterdam?

Yes, electric bikes are permitted in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is known for being a very bike-friendly city, and electric bikes are gaining more popularity as a mode of transportation.

However, there are some rules and regulations that electric bike riders should be aware of. For instance, electric bikes with a top speed of 25 km/h are allowed on bike paths, while you may need faster electric bikes may be required to use the road. Moreover, electric bicycles must be equipped with a working bell, front and rear lights, and reflectors.

Before riding an electric bike in any city, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the local laws and ordinances and make sure you feel at ease and confident doing so.

How much does it cost to rent bikes in Amsterdam?

In addition to being quite simple, renting a bike in Amsterdam is also a reasonably affordable mode of transportation. You can rent a bike for a few hours, the entire day, or for two days.

A handbrake bike or a footbrake bike are your options. From the age of twelve, motorcycles are appropriate. Every time, a bicycle rental is provided:

  1. Bike with two reliable locks
  2. City plan.
  3. You can purchase helmets and rain poncho insurance separately on-site, and they are omitted.
  4. Your bike must be returned to the shop where you rented it. It costs an additional €10.00 to turn in at a different location.

What is the best bike rental app in Amsterdam?

The “Donkey Republic” app is one of the most well-liked and highly-rated bike rental apps accessible in Amsterdam.

Donkey Republic offers a user-friendly interface, a wide selection of bikes, and competitive pricing. The app also provides detailed information about the bikes, the rental process, and 24/7 customer support.

it is also simple to locate and rent a bike from virtually anywhere in the city thanks to Donkey Republic’s extensive network of bike rental locations spread throughout Amsterdam.

Users of the app can also reserve bikes in advance, assuring they will have access to them when needed.

Donkey Republic is an excellent option for anyone looking to rent a bike in Amsterdam, whether a local or a tourist.


Electric bikes are a terrific way to see Amsterdam. Visitors and locals may easily ride electric bikes to enjoy the city’s numerous bike lanes and attractions thanks to the availability of several rental choices.

Several options are available, whether you like to rent from a regular bike shop or an app-based rental service like Donkey Republic. Renting an electric bike in Amsterdam is an excellent eco-friendly, sustainable way to see the city.

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