Solar Cross Electric Bikes: Why Production Ended

Hello my fellow eco-warriors and cycling lovers! You must have heard about Terry Hope’s remarkable Solar Cross electric bikes that ran solely on solar energy if you are reading this post. 

While this innovation captured many hearts, the production of these bikes has unfortunately ended. Don’t fret, though! There are still plenty of eco-friendly, sustainable, and fun alternatives available today that we can explore together.

Solar Cross electric bikes were an innovative breakthrough in the world of electric bicycles, designed by Terry Hope and powered entirely by solar energy – providing them with a clean, sustainable, and eco-friendly mode of transportation. You my love to read this too on Photovoltaic Hybrid Systems

Solar Cross Electric Bikes

Unfortunately, Solar Cross electric bikes have ceased production due to numerous challenges.

Terry, a self-taught solar electric bike builder, faced several obstacles that made it impossible to continue producing Solar Cross electric bikes. These included a lack of funding to difficulty with sourcing components and materials for production- which ultimately resulted in the discontinuation of production two years ago.

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Why the production of solar-cross electric bikes stopped.

Here are the major obstacles and reasons why the production of solar cross-electric bikes was discontinued.

1.     Lack of Funding

One major reason why Solar Cross electric bike production was discontinued was a lack of funding. Terry Hope, who built these bikes out of his self-taught skillset, faced financial obstacles that made scaling production difficult. Despite the high demand for these bikes, producing them in larger numbers proved costly; therefore, finding funding to expand production proved challenging.

2.     Challenges in Sourcing Materials

Another factor contributing to the cancellation of Solar Cross electric bike production was sourcing materials. Many components used in their creation, such as solar panels, ebike batteries, and motors, weren’t easily available on the market. Therefore, Terry had to source these items from various suppliers, which added cost and complexity during production.

Solar Cross

3.     Competition

With the rising popularity of electric bikes, competition in this market has grown fierce. Small-scale producers like Terry are finding it increasingly difficult to stay ahead. While Solar Cross electric bikes were unique in using solar power for production, larger manufacturers with greater resources and economies of scale faced stiff competition from smaller players.

4.     Maintenance and Repair Challenges

Solar Cross electric bikes were constructed with custom-made components that weren’t widely available on the market. This made it difficult for customers to locate replacement parts or get their bikes repaired if something went awry. Consequently, customers often had to rely on Terry for maintenance and repairs – an arrangement that wasn’t sustainable in the long run.

What are the options available for those of you who adored Solar Cross Electric Bikes, but now seek an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative? Look no further than my top recommendations below – 

Solar Cross Electric Bikes alternative

Here are the Solar Cross Electric Bikes alternative I recommend are as follows:

1. pedal-assist electric bikes for adults 

Are you searching for an electric bike that’s easier on the wallet, pedal-assist bikes could be the ideal solution. They run on battery power that assists when pedaling, making hills or longer rides much easier to tackle. Plus, these eco-friendly machines help keep people fit and active! Here is where you can get one some of the best pedals assist electric bikes for adults

Solar Cross Electric Bikes

2. Folding Bikes or electric folding bikes for adults

Are you short on space or need an easy-to-transport bike, folding bikes could be the ideal solution. They’re lightweight, compact, and can be stored in small places with no environmental pollution like cars do! Plus, folding bikes don’t emit any hazardous pollutants like cars do! You can get these electric folding bikes for adults here.

3. electric scooters for adults

Looking for something even smaller and more enjoyable? Electric scooters could be the ideal solution. They’re lightweight, easy to handle, and incredibly enjoyable to ride. Plus, they’re great for short commutes while helping reduce your carbon footprint. You get this here

4. Electric Skateboards

Are you feeling adventurous and want to try something new, electric skateboards could be the perfect fit. They’re lightweight, portable, and can be a lot of fun to ride. Plus, they’re eco-friendly – an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while having a blast! This is where you can get these electric skateboards.


Solar Cross electric bikes were a groundbreaking innovation in the world of electric bicycles. Unfortunately, lack of funding, difficulties sourcing materials, increased competition, and maintenance/repair issues forced us to cease production. 

Yet their legacy lives on as a testament to solar power’s potential in transportation even while we say goodbye. To do this, we should embrace other eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives available today, such as pedal-assist bikes, folding bikes, electric scooters, and skateboards – just to name a few! Let’s get out there and start exploring!

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