10 Things to Know Before Buying an e bike (Tips to Buy Electric Bikes)

Are you thinking of buying a ebike there are a lot of things to know before buying a bike that I would want to share with you in this electric bike tips and buying guide. Electric bikes, also known as an e bike, have grown increasingly popular over the years due to their eco-friendliness, convenience, and affordability. But with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect e-bike. This article will cover 10 things to know before buying an e bike. These are things to consider and what to look for when buying an ebike or before purchasing an e-bike so that you make an informed decision that you will never regret.

 This is my updated electric bike buying guide 2023 sharing some of my best tips to buy electric bikes.

what to look for when buying an ebike

10 things to know before buying an e bike (tips to buy electric bikes)

So here are what to look for when buying an ebike :

1.   Your Purpose for the Bike-ebike tips 1

When purchasing an e-bike, the first thing to consider is the purpose of the bike and what you want o use it for. Are you going to use it for mountain biking, distance riding, and traveling, or for just leisurely rides? Having this e bike tips in mind will help you determine what type of e-bike will best suit your needs.

Let’s say for example, that traveling long distances is your priority, then a foldable bike model with a rack and fenders might work best so in a case where you feel tired of riding or you run out of battery, you can take a bus to your destination. 

Some of the top recommended electric bike models that are known for their long-distance capabilities include:

  1. Trek Super Commuter+, 
  2. Specialized Turbo Vado SL, 
  3. Riese & Müller Supercharger, 
  4. Gazelle Ultimate T10+. 

These bikes typically have larger battery capacities, efficient motors, and comfortable riding positions to help riders go further with less effort. I also would love to urge you to do your personal research and test-ride different models to find the electric bike that best suits your needs and preferences.

2.   Motor Placement

The electric bike motor is the heart of an e-bike. It provides pedal-assist or throttle power that makes riding one so much easier. When selecting your electric bicycle, take into account where the motor will be placed; there are three primary types:

  • Hub Motors: Hub motors are the most common type of motor, located in either the front or rear hub of a bike. They’re quieter and provide more of a natural pedaling feel.
  • Mid-drive Motors: Situated in the center of a bike’s frame, near its pedals, mid-drive motors offer better weight distribution for better stability and handling.
  • Crank motors: Situated near the bike’s bottom bracket, crank motors offer more power and efficiency compared to other types of motors.
tips to buy electric bikes

3.   Battery capacity

The battery which is coming as buying e bike tips number 3  is another essential element of an e-bike.  And that is because the battery stores energy to run the ebike motor and it is what determines its range; when selecting an ebike, take into account both its capacity and estimated range provided. A higher capacity battery will offer longer travel but also means heavier overall weight.

4.   Frame Material

When shopping for an electric bicycle, the frame material should be taken into account. Not only does it affect weight and durability, but also performance. Aluminum and carbon fiber are common materials used in e-bike frames; aluminum being lightweight yet strong while carbon fiber provides even lighter shock absorption.

5.   Braking System

An effective braking system is essential when riding an e-bike. When making a purchase, take into account the type of brakes your bike has; there are two primary types:

  • Rim brakes: These brakes use pads to press against the bike’s wheel rim, making them cheaper and lighter than disc brakes. However, they may wear out faster and offer less stopping power compared to disc brakes.
  • Disc brakes: These brakes utilize a rotor and calipers to stop your bike’s wheels, offering greater stopping power and performance. However, they are heavier and pricier to install.

6.   Suspension System

The suspension system of an e-bike can have a significant effect on its performance and comfort. There are two primary types of suspension: front suspension and full suspension. Front suspension absorbs shocks for the bike’s front wheel, while full suspension distributes them equally between both wheels.

7.   Tire Type

Tires are essential in optimizing the performance and comfort of an electric bicycle. There are two primary types of e-bike tires: slick and knobby. Slick tires offer less resistance for road biking or commuting, while knobby tires provide more traction on off-road rides.

8.   Price Range

E-bikes come in various price points, so it’s essential to set a budget when shopping for one. The cost of buying a quality e-bike depends on the features, material used in making it, and overall quality and durability. a cheaper electric bike model may have lower-quality material or parts that may not perform as well as higher-end models do when compared. That being said, you will still find some decent quality e-bikes that are stillaffordable e-bikes available on the market today.

9.   Warranty and Customer Support

When investing in an e-bike, it’s essential to consider the warranty and customer support provided by the manufacturer. Looking for brands that provide warranties on their bikes as well as having a responsive customer service team is a way to get peace of mind knowing that when something goes with your bike within a period, especially 1 year or 2 year period, you can easily get your electronic bike repaired or replaced. And also, this is how brands show that they have confidence in the quality of their bike.

10.  Test Ride Before Making a Purchase

Before you make any final decisions, it’s always wise to test-ride the e-bike. This way, you can get acquainted with its handling, comfort level, and whether it meets your needs. Many bike shops provide test rides or rental programs so that you can try the bike out for longer periods of time.

Why Buy an ebike?

Now that we’ve discussed what you should know before purchasing an ebike, let’s take a closer look at why you might want to consider investing in one in the first place.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

E-bikes offer a more eco-friendly alternative to cars and motorcycles when it comes to transportation. Not only do they not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere, but their carbon footprint is lower compared to traditional bikes as well, since you require less effort when riding an e-bike compared to traditional bikes, thus reducing your commute or leisurely rides’ carbon footprint significantly.

E-bikes Are More Convenient and Affordably Transportation

E-bikes provide a more convenient and budget-friendly transportation alternative than cars or public transportation, as they’re easy to maneuver through traffic and can be parked almost anywhere. Furthermore, operating and maintaining an E-bike is cheaper than cars or motorcycles since they require less fuel and upkeep.

Health and Fitness Benefits

Riding an e-bike offers numerous health and fitness advantages. While the motor provides assistance, you still need to pedal, providing a low-impact form of exercise. Doing so can improve cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and overall fitness levels.

Easy traveling or Commuting

E-bikes offer an excellent commuting option, eliminating traffic and public transportation altogether. With pedal assist, it’s effortless to tackle hills and cover more distance without tiring yourself out. This makes commuting to work or school much more manageable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

 Fun and Adventure

E-bikes are just plain fun to ride! They provide an exhilarating way to discover new areas, take on challenging trails, and appreciate nature. With an e-bike you can cover more distance and see more sights than walking would allow – making it the ideal way to discover your surroundings! So Should you buy an ebike? The above are some of the reasons why you should buy an ebike.

Conclusion on this tips to buy electric bikes Guide

So, if you are considering buying an e bike, there are 10 things to know before buying an e bike and making your purchase.

These buying ebike tips include understanding the different types of e-bikes available, knowing your budget, researching the manufacturer and the bike’s parts and units, and understanding the local regulations and laws around e-bikes, the purpose of the bike, motor placement, battery capacity, frame material, braking system, suspension system, tire type, price range, warranty and customer support, and test riding before buying.

All these will help. Also, I like to say that you test-ride different models to find the one that feels most comfortable and suits your riding needs.

Ultimately, taking the time to do your research and make an informed decision can ensure that you end up with an electric bike that you love and that will serve you well for years to come.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or new to the world of biking, knowing what to look for before buying an e-bike is essential. So before you invest in a new ride, take some time to educate yourself on what to know before buying a bike using this my tips to buy electric bikes guide.

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